Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Big Shunt part 1

As part of our ongoing work in the conservation workshop, we needed to make space to bring our 5 ton Smith steam crane undercover to allow our workshop team to work their magic on it in the dry over the winter. Seeing as the workshop is at the very bottom of the museum building, it was mega shunt time! Some rare views of stock were to be had as vehicles moved around last night and adjacent roads cleared. Here's the North Staffordshire tank from the side that isn't usually visible.

Having pulled all of road 6 out, we then fetched the Peckett "Merlin" and the steam crane out of the back of the workshop in readiness to put the rest of the vehicles back on road 6! My 00 gauge models of 30 years ago were much easier!

One of the engines exhumed was the Avonside "Woolmer" formerly at Longmoor and latterly Beverley. It's going on loan soon back to Hampshire to be part of the excellent Milestones museum in Basingstoke. Here it catches the last of the evening light before being put back inside.

The stalwarts of the evening, other than the staff and volunteers who were part of the shunt were our two diesel shunters, 03 090 and 663 (the Dutch class 11 equivalent belonging to Capt Andrew Mills and on long term loan to us). The 03 awaits its next move as dusk falls on Shildon.

Now well and truly dark, here's my view from the cab of 663 as the team put something else back inside with the 03. And we do it all over again tonight to get Sans Pareil out of the workshop and on display to replace it with the crane!

Ok - so I have yet to learn how to rotate a picture once I've posted it...sorry! (Now learned how to do it but not delete the old pic!)

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