Friday, 8 January 2010

Steam Crane discoveries and the Sneltic

Richard and the workshop team at Shildon continue to make good progress on the steam crane restoration despite the weather and a multitude of tasks which they tackle with vigour! The crane body has been turned through 90 degrees to allow access to the ballast boxes and frame for cleaning and painting.This morning, Johnny took off the cover to one of the ballast boxes so it can be cleaned out, allowed to dry then corrosion addressed, the box painted and the ballast replaced.
Here's what he found when he emptied the ballast box - all sorts of bits of iron: rail chairs, fishplates, fire grates, broken cast boiler washout plates, handrails, nuts and bolts - plus two bin loads of rust! These parts will all be pressure washed and stored before being replaced. We also found that the cranes frames have rotted through in places so will need repair before painting.
Yesterday, staff at York made a snow "Mallard", and the challenge went out to us to follow it up, so this afternoon, we set out for an hour's "team building" in the arctic conditions! Here, Dale, Johnny, Richard, Pam, Jason and Sharon get down to making our creation.
Just around 3pm, we were able to launch our snow loco - the SNELTIC (Snow DELTIC). Here's most of its' creators in front of the museum with it. Well, it's something like!

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