Friday, 4 December 2009

First week survived!

After the wet weekend, I began this week in my new position and have had a REALLY busy time, which has been great, and very challenging already! On Wednesday, I had a York day and popping into town over the Lendal Bridge took a picture of the River Ouse, looking towards the Scarborough line bridge. The waters were going down, but I really feel for anyone affected recently - it gets very high in York...

Back in the warm and dry of the NRM, one of the less recognised stars rests in the Lean To next to the Station Hall. South Eastern & Chatham Railway "D" class 737, an absolute piece of mechanical artistry, which, if all is well, will get a better airing next year - as ever, watch this space! It's a beautiful engine, set off by the amazing SECR livery and repays careful study if you are at the NRM in the future.

Today was another York day, and part of it consisted of having to examine "Hardwicke" on the turntable to answer a query and I took the chance to photograph some of the collection from a slightly different angle. Here are the Chinese 4-8-4(left), the Southern Railway Q1 0-6-0 and the British Railways class 76 electric loco taken from the footplate of "Hardwicke". The line up still remains rather special - and now it's all my responsibility...

I am trying to get my head around the collection and what is going on with it, so I was pleased to get the chance today to meet Alex Williams and some of the team working on Deltic 55 002 "King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry". The loco is currently in the Flying Scotsman exhibition, awaiting a move into the workshops to allow heavier work to be undertaken.

A major milestone has been reached today with the delivery of the refurbished radiators for the loco, and the group hope to get the loco back into working order during 2010, which will be fantastic. There's still a lot more to do, but further info can be gleaned from the group's website and I am sure that they'd welcome more assistance if anyone feels able. I stood in the South Yard at York in 1998 and watched the loco leave for its abortive restoration and finally it's all coming right for the loco - please have a look and give the group your support.

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