Friday, 18 December 2009

Let it snow...

Wandering around the NRM this week, I noticed that in the Triangle part of the Great Hall was one of our most unsung exhibits and also one of our hardest working on the York site. Class 02 diesel shunter D2860 usually lives outside in the North yard and is seldom seem by visitors, though passengers on the East Coast Main line often get a view of it in the yard. With cold weather looming, the loco was brought into the warmer climes of the Triangle where it risks less chance of frost damage. Nice to see it inside for visitors to see as something different.
This week has been one of learning certain corporate aspects of the job, along with some long hours on the computer and phone beginning to deal with collections issues, loans and maintenance matters. It was good to have a cup of tea yesterday with Andrew Goodman, haulier, corporate partner and custodian of "City of Truro" - especially as there has just been released a 00 gauge model of the loco: and I will admit to pushing the boat out and Dad & I have bought one to share between us!

Meanwhile, we awoke in County Durham to snow storms and several inches of snow, a lot having fallen last night anyway. Knowing we had to shunt Furness 2o out for Santa Special steaming this weekend, I wondered who we'd have to help as some staff were stuck trying to get in. The 03 refused to start it was so cold, and we breathed a sigh of relief when the trusty Dutch shunter fired up. We treated it to some fuel later this morning in gratitude! Here's FR 20 and the two shunters on the museum apron ready for coaling the steamer.
I rather liked this view of our running line and Shildon station as seen from the cab of 663 as Jason and Dale cleared the yard points so we could take FR20 over the pit.

Inside in the relative warm, Phil Anderson was putting the finishing touches to the lettering on the new bufferbeams on NER electric loco No.1. Here he's trying to dry the paint a bit faster with a fan heater so he could come out to lunch with the workshop team! A beautiful job has resulted from a true craftsman - look out for it next time you visit Shildon.

Coming back from lunch (ok, it was more like afternoon tea by the time we got to Darlington with the train delays for the snow...) I rather liked this view from the level crossing by Shildon station. I'll hopefully see a bit more on Sunday as I'll be in at work with all our team on the Santa steamings, and maybe as relief loco crew. Better look out my woolly hat!

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