Thursday, 24 December 2009

A snowy postscript

Well, I know I'd signed off with Christmas greetings, but the snow and hard frost have persisted and remained for our shunting operations this last week, so here are a few images from Tuesday to get us in the festive spirit! Here's the signal and wheels on the road island at the main road junction into town.

And the view from 663 as we head up the yard with Green Arrow, GE No.3 and 75s in tow. Almost good enough for a Christmas card.

With there having been a hard frost, I was rather taken by the cobwebs on the vehicles parked outside - the bogie bolster and GNR tender being particularly good as you can see below.

And I'll leave you with the shot of the day - Green Arrow and the Great Eastern saloon on the running line out of the way whilst we shunted in the building.

So, one more time for this year, Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year! More to come in 2010...

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  1. Corking photos especially and obviously Green Arrow.