Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Progress on all fronts

Late last week, Richard at Shildon began to assess the Stirling tender which is to be restored to go behind the Single. He's been measuring tyres, using a thickness tester on the platework and scraping back the paintwork. Below you can see the result of this latter activity as the LNER black gives way to the Great Northern Railway livery of pre-1923. A wonderful piece of transport archaeology which will help us no end in documenting the repaint.
In blizzard conditions on Saturday, Furness 20 was being run for Half Term Shildon operations by Tim Owen and Merling Loco Group stalwarts.
In York yesterday, I noticed that the use of the turntable for the "Once Upon a Tide" exhibition opened up this new vista of GWR Star class No. 4003 "Lode Star". What a lovely machine!
And finally, for everyone who wants to know what's going on with "Flying Scotsman", the Cartazzi truck went in under the cab today...
...whilst alongside the wheel drop, the front bogie awaits refitting, hopefully later this week!

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  1. I was lucky enough to see Richard carrying out some assessments on the Stirling tender, and he showed me some of the evidence of the pre-1923 livery - it's a bit difficult to see in the photo above, but really clear on the real thing!

    It's great that the tender is on display now in the main Collection Building at Locomotion, so it's possible to get a close look at it in its current condition.

    And I'm looking forward to watching the restoration work over the coming months ... and to keeping up to date via this blog. Thanks a lot, Anthony!