Friday, 5 February 2010

Rocket has landed

Still warm after its steam and running trials at the Avon Valley Railway, the newly rebuilt and reboilered replica of "Rocket" arrived at York this morning and I went for a quick look at it at lunchtime before it was shunted into the yard in preparation for steaming and crew training. Firstly here's a look in the firebox and we see fewer, but larger diameter tubes in the new boiler than the loco had previously. We already know from the experience of the Flour Mill team that the loco's steam raising ability has been transformed.

After the new boiler was designed to follow more closely what we knowof the original after Michael Bailey & John Glitheroe's survey of the 1829 loco, there is now no longer a dome on the engine too - and quite a few other interesting changes. However, it's still "Rocket" and I look forward to the crew training and steam trials next week.
Another major change which can be made out if you look closely is the fitting of a rivetted copper firebox. The chimney folds down for transport by road, it's quite a lift to get it vertical for operation - and even worse to lower when hot!

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