Saturday, 27 February 2010

Through Train 2

Today's entertainment was Spitfire Railtours trip through Shildon and on to Stanhope. I went down to see it pass and ended up using Andy Mills' Dutch shunter 663 as a photographic vantage point. Here the tour arrives at Shildon, with 37 038 leading 37 617 (I think - I didn't make a note sorry!)
47 826 was bringing up the rear as it would lead the train back from Stanhope as the loop there is not long enough to take such a long train as this. The train was well filled, sadly only 40 odd passengers dismounted for Locomotion, but we hope that the passing enthusiasts who came to see it might have dropped in for a cup of tea at least!
I understand that several more through charters are planned; let's hope this is the start of a revival for the branch from Darlington past Shildon and up Weardale.

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